Friday, March 7, 2008

About The Ralph Brennan's New Orleans Seafood Blog

Ralph Brennan's New Orleans Seafood Cookbook is a perfect blend of prime Louisiana talent: restaurateur Ralph Brennan, five of his hard-working chefs, veteran cookbook editor Gene Bourg, quintessential New Orleans photographer Kerri McCaffety, and recipe tester Paulette Rittenberg. You can bring these flavors to your table when Ralph Brennan's New Orleans Seafood Cookbook arrives in stores this spring.

The Ralph Brennan's New Orleans Seafood Blog will introduce food lovers, chefs, journalists, and taste travelers to the amazing talents behind this book. Just like a New Orleans cooking class, we will torture you each day with stunning photographs of spicy dishes, tall tales, and family recipes that bring the blessings of the bayou right to your table.

New Orleans is a city proud of its connection to the water -- although that can sometimes get out of hand! Nestled between freshwater Lake Ponchartrain to the North and the saltwater Gulf of Mexico below with mighty Mississippi catfish prowling the territory between, we live with the sea.

We've taken a licking here in New Orleans but we know how to lick back! You'll be licking your fingers (and the pan) when you try these thrice-tested dishes that celebrate the Fruits de Mer, the shellfish and crustaceans, the mollusks and game fish, that are the bounty of a healthy wetlands.

This blog is brought to you by the public relations team behind Ralph Brennan's New Orleans Seafood Cookbook, including a blend of some of the city's hottest Internet talent: the krewe at Deveney Communications, a top-5 boutique PR firm (PR Week), and Patron Saint Productions, an online PR firm nestled in the Bywater Tech Center in the Ninth Ward -- Yeah You Right!

Patron Saint Productions maintains the Ralph Brennan's New Orleans Seafood Blog with daily weekday postings, comment approval, and spam removal: be nice or leave! Bloggers are responsible for their own words. Posts on this blog are not written by The Ralph Brennan Restaraunt Group, Inc., and do not necessarily reflect the views of anyone involved in this blog except, hopefully, the person whose name is shown on the post or comment.

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Advance Praise for Ralph Brennan's New Orleans Seafood Cookbook:
Despite a gastronomy based so largely on local seafood, New Orleans has never had a comprehensive book on the subject--until now. Ralph Brennan, one of the city’s finest restaurateurs, and Kerri McCaffety, one of America’s great photographers, have combined their efforts to produce a book on Louisiana seafood that is not just authoritative and mouthwatering but exceptionally beautiful.
—John Mariani, Esquire Magazine and author of The Encyclopedia of American Food

A MASTERPIECE! Ralph Brennan and his culinary team have written a truly eloquent, educational and historical cookbook on seafood and New Orleans cuisine! The recipes and the photography are exceptional. Ralph is a true New Orleanian who has a deep passion for great food and unwavering devotion to the Crescent City.
—Paul Prudhomme, Chef and Owner, K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen and Magic Seasoning Blends
Photo by Kerri McCaffety. Copyright by The Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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