Monday, March 24, 2008

Ralph's On The Park

Ralph's On The Park is an all-around culinary experience of pure Louisiana-French cooking presented in an atmosphere of casual-dining elegance that takes full advantage of its historic location in the heart of New Orleans's City Park. Ralph Brennan's fourth venture opened in 2003 and is located in a circa 1860 two-story building that has been fully renovated. Initially built by a cattleman turned restaurateur as a coffeehouse and concession stand, the location has passed through the hands of many prominent restaurateurs. No small part of its charm are the large murals painted by local artist Tony Green featuring local historical events.

According to Ralph's On The Park website, the restaurant was voted "Best Restaurant Post-Katrina" by 29% of New Orleans CityBusiness readers. Times-Picayune blogger Brett Anderson rhapsodizes about his Sunday brunch experience in a post dated October 10, 2007:
The evidence is there at brunch, when dusky bowls of seafood gumbo give way to plates of sweet potato pancakes draped over plump house-made molasses sausages. It is because of food like this that New Orleanians consider Sunday morning just another opportunity to hit the town. gives Ralph's On The Park five out of five stars. Pableaux Johnson, an editorial reviewer for CitySearch, emphasizes the solid menu featuring New Orleans dishes like fried green tomatoes and seafood such as oysters. In a review posted October 30, 2007, by a user named "robertaltman," he singles out the food and atmosphere, calling it the best in the city and gives his experience five stars. He adds, "Quite simply: go. It is worth it, under any circumstances."

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